Asset Surveiller®

Operational Excellence through Optimized Asset Performance

Optimize O&M efficiency across equipment and the plant

Asset Surveiller® is a powerful, scalable and real-time analytics solution for asset performance management that analyses raw data from the assets, converts it into useful actionable information to continuously monitor the asset and industrial process health, predicts and detects asset failure in advance. It significantly increases the asset availability and reduces the inventory cost and reactive maintenance. 
contributes to minimize unplanned downtime and maximizes uptime by reducing cost of operations and maintenance.

Expression engine

User defined expressions/calculations offer wide range of mathematical operations to advanced functions like deviation, statistical, trigonometric, hyperbolic etc.

Event detection and monitoring

Inbuilt support of comprehensive event detection mechanisms viz. simple thresholds, statistical movement or learned patterns or predicted and model-based deviations. Event Monitor offers user to monitor and review all the live events which can be drilled down to view detailed information about the event

Intuitive User Interface

Information rich user interface brings out the problems to responsible user’s attention for effective incident management. An intuitive performance and health color-coded heat-map allows users to rapidly drill-down to identify underlying problems, with troubleshooting displays to see the underlying fault logic

Performance Overview

Users can view list of key performance indicators of a selected asset and their details including current value, deviations from target and its historical performance. Performance Curves and Trends help users to identify underlying causes through attribute trends, predicted vs. actuals comparison

Fault Diagnosis

Fault-Symptom models are used to detect events for each asset which helps in categorizing the asset problems with cause, consequence, and corrective actions

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