Smart Terminal Manager

Fully Integrated and Advanced Solution For Terminal Automation/Management

Streamline liquid & gas product Storage, Distribution, and Movement operations in efficient, safe, and secure manner at Terminals

As a proven system for terminal automation, Smart Terminal Manager (STM) provides the true capability to monitor and control all the activities of Terminal including truck loading / unloading, Rail car loading / unloading, product storage, inventory management, host integration, safety sub-system, and many more in an integrated safe and secure manner.

Loading, unloading and product movement operations

With the inherent support of unlimited tags (points), STM can be efficiently used for any size of plant of any level of complexity.

Flexible and Scalable

STM is extremely flexible and highly scalable which makes it the best fit for any size of terminal with any level of complex operations.

Inventory Management and Reconciliation

STM offers effective inventory management and tank inventory calculations based on API 2540/ASTM D 1250 standard. Multi-checkpoint reconciliation offered by STM enables effective product reconciliation.

High system availability

STM offers extremely high availability system based on redundant network communication system and hot-redundant server.

Comprehensive safety sub-system

Inbuilt support for enhanced safety through various safety interlocks, emergency shutdown, manual call points, ROSOV integration, access control system and many more.

Comprehensive MIS & information distribution

MIS offered by STM gives the users the information they need to ensure effective operation. The MIS reports can be automated for generation, sending to designated users.

Replace other Terminal automation software

STM is extremely versatile and feature-rich terminal automation software which can replace other TAS software without changing field instruments. Varied range of inbuilt device drivers for batch controllers, PLCs, ERP systems, weighbridges etc. makes STM a universal terminal automation software.

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